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For the last couple of years I’ve been commuting to Hong Kong for business. However while it was great for my work life, my social life was taking a turn for the worse. I worked in a mainly male environment and so didn’t get to meet many women through my work and after a hard day in the office, I really didn’t have the time or inclination to go out looking for female company. Like many people, I’d tried online dating, but to be honest I found it all a bit tedious and very hit and miss. Although I did get to meet some really lovely women, I wasn’t really looking for a long term relationship and so more often than not, I left the meetings feeling more than a little disappointed.

After a couple of months of online dating, I made the decision to just cut my losses and turn to the world of escorts. After all, there were so many gorgeous escorts in Hong Kong offering fun meetings with no strings attached. My first couple of meetings were incredibly exciting. I was hooking up with some absolutely stunning women who, if I’m being honest, wouldn’t really give me a second glance if I was out in a bar or club.

These women were not only gorgeous, but they were up for all kinds of fun. Of course I was paying them for their services, but in reality, I wasn’t paying much more than I would have done had I taken one of my online dates out for the evening. And of course, I was guaranteed much more than just a goodnight kiss. After a few months of meeting with several different escorts in the Bayswater area, I began to get a real passion for my encounters.

Coming up to Hong Kong meant far more than just business. I’d been plunged into a life of hedonism, where all my fantasies could come true. I wasn’t sexually naive by any stretch of the imagination, but spending time with some of the naughty Eastern European and Russian escorts in Bayswater really opened my eyes to some of the possibilities.

I started to experiment a little more, even trying the duo escort services on offer. I loved watching two bi escorts playing together. It made me so horny seeing them in action and waiting for them to work their joint magic on me was simply mind blowing. With each and every meeting, I wanted to try something new.

One evening as I was perusing the gallery of Elite Escorts, I came across one of their young escorts from Russia. Initially it was her sweet and innocent smile that caught my attention, but as I scrolled down her photos, I could see that this was a girl whose innocent exterior was just a cover for her eroticism. More than a little interested, I read her profile and saw that she listed playing with toys as one of her services. I was a little mystified. I’d never really considered why an escort would use toys with her clients.

Surely most clients just had ‘getting their rocks off’ on their minds. Intrigued I decided to book a meeting with her that evening. As soon as she opened the door to her apartment I could see that her photographs didn’t do her justice. The skin on her face and body was skin was incredible. So clear and smooth and taut.

Her blonde hair was soft and silky, falling in curls around her shoulders and her blue eyes were large and shining. She wore very little make-up – which was my preference. I’ve never really understood why women want to cover up their natural beauty. To be honest, heavy make-up really turns me off. She was wearing a simple dark blue dress which hugged her slender body and high heeled shoes. Everything about her was understated and I was both amazed and impressed with the confidence and poise she exhibited, especially in one so young. She invited me in to her apartment which, like her, was stylish but minimally furnished. After many months of visiting escorts, I was quite at ease and eager to get on with the task at hand. I was already aroused, I could feel my hardness straining against the thin fabric of my trousers and judging from the look on her face, she’d noticed it too. The young escort took my hand and led me further into the apartment and into the bedroom.

Right in the centre of the room was a very large bed covered with immaculate white sheets of the finest cotton. Laid out on the bed was a selection of sex toys. My eyes opened wide. They ranged from a small vibrator through to a firm black and pink leather paddle and matching restraints. Her heavily accented voice broke the silence. “Would you like me to take control?” she asked. I was a little taken aback. Normally I was the one in control. I made all the moves and made all the decisions, but here was a young girl, a good ten years younger than me, taking the lead. I considered her question for a few moments. I wasn’t the type to be submissive in any situation, but the thought of passing control to her was very appealing, even if it was initially purely out to see what would happen. I nodded. “Yes, I’d like that, ” I said simply. She ordered me to sit in the wing backed chair which faced the bed. I did as she asked. “Now you can look, but not touch!” She walked over to the chair, her hips swaying seductively as she negotiated the thick pile carpet in her sky high heels. Stopping in front of me, she bent from the hips and planted a light kiss on my lips, then whispered “Good boy!” before turning to walk back to the bed. I leaned back in the chair, aware that I was still dressed in my work suit and my erection was threatening to break through my trousers.

I started to breathe more deeply as I watched her stop before the array of toys, running her fingers over her lips as she stood considering which of the toys to pick up first. She decided on the small pink vibrator, which was the first toy in the row. Flicking the switch it hummed into life. She ran it around her lips and then lightly touched it to the end of her nose. “Did you know that you can test a vibrator by holding it against your nose?” I shook my head. “Apparently, it has similar nerve endings to a clitoris,” she informed me. “I’d rather you tested it on your clitoris,” I laughed. “Would you now?” She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed, settling up against the large padded headboard, before pushing up the skirt of her dress and parting her legs.

I could see that she was wearing sheer panties which highlighted the fact that she was completely bare. Slowly she pressed the tip of the vibrator against flimsy fabric. I heard her sharp intake of breath as the vibrations spread through that little nub of flesh and watched as she ran it up and down the full length of her lips. Even from the chair I could see the glistening of her juices as they started to soak her panties. Her body started to undulate a little as her arousal increased and I wondered how long she’d keep it up. As it transpired, it wasn’t long before she reached over and picked up a glass dildo. Pushing the thin scrap of damp fabric aside, she let the head part her lips rubbing it up and down against the bare flesh. I leaned forward a little more to get a better view. Her legs had fallen further apart and I watched transfixed as she pushed the glass dildo further inside her until it had all but disappeared into her wet and warm depths. She was moaning a little by now, but her eyes were still firmly fixed on me. Watching my reaction.

There was no hiding my excitement and she knew it. With a sly smile, she stopped what she was doing, removed the dildo and knelt on the bed, grabbing hold of the bottom of her dress and quickly pulling it over her head. She was naked under the dress except for the sopping wet pair of panties. She discarded these just as quickly. I swallowed. Her body was perfection. Creamy skin, slender limbs, small but full breasts tipped with rosy nipples. “You can remove your jacket,” she said. Gratefully I took it off and hung it on the back of the chair.

I was beginning to get more than a bit hot under the collar. When I turned back she was holding a long chain in one hand and something in stainless steel in the other. Stepping off the bed she walked over to me and handed me the chain which, I could see, was attached to two clips. “Clamp my nipples.” I didn’t need telling twice.

With fumbling fingers I managed to get first one and then the other onto those rosy red nipples. She put the stainless steel item in my hand. It was a beautifully crafted butt plug topped with a large pink crystal. Without a word she turned round and bent over. I hesitated. Did she want me to plug her? Where was the lube? Did she even need lube? She answered my question by putting her fingers in her mouth and then transferring the saliva to her tight little hole before parting her cheeks and bending further forward. I pushed the plug gently at the entrance and was relieved to feel little resistance as it slid in right up to the pink stopper. Back to the bed she went, returning with a pink suede flogger which she placed in my hand before leaning across my knee.

I’d never used a flogger on anyone before and was at a bit of a loss what to do, but I needn’t have worried as she gave me first one instruction and then another. “Drag it gently across my cheeks,” she said. I did as I was told, my eyes transfixed on the pink crystal perched in between the two fleshy orbs. “Now hit me with it!” I brought the suede tendrils down with a thwack. “Harder,” she said, “harder.” I obeyed, bringing it down harder, watching as the skin went from cream to pink. As I brought it down again and again, the urge to throw her off my knee, rip off my clothes and plunge myself deep inside her became more and more unbearable. I was panting now. Not with the exertion but with passion and excitement. “Stop!” “You can take off your clothes now,” she laughed, nimbly jumping off my knee and heading for the bed. I didn’t need any more encouragement, but stripped off as quickly as I could, before joining her on the bed. “You can take over now.” I eyed up the remaining toys laid out on those pristine white sheets.

The double ended dildos, the paddle, the restraints, the anal beads, but none of them could surpass the urge I felt to be inside her. I grabbed hold of the nipple chain and pulled it causing the clamps to tighten on her nipples. She gasped slightly but I could see that she enjoyed the sharp jolt of pain and her hips raised off the bed as if to welcome me into her warm depths. All the foreplay with the toys had pushed me to the edge and I took her with a wild abandon, fuelled with the thought of that silver butt plug firmly ensconced deep inside her. I could feel it as I pushed my way in and out, and the combination brought me to orgasm.

That was my first introduction to playing with toys but it certainly wasn’t my last. I went back several times to explore the remainder of her toy box, using the toys on both her and me. So if you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your sex life, why not start building your own toy box now?

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