Tantric Massage in Hong Kong

Whether or not they choose to admit it – to themselves or anyone else – most guys want two things from a massage: a good relaxing rubdown and a guilt-free happy ending. And yet this double-whammy can prove elusive, with rub-n-tug joints often scoring low on the massage side, and legit parlours being, well, legit.

Help, however, is at hand – literally – in the form of tantric massage. This is a technique that involves equal measure of stress-relief and stimulation from the get go, rather than a standard massage with a handjob thrown in at the end.

The massage girls were so easygoing and friendly that we were chatting comfortably in no time. Migrating to the bedroom, I undressed full and lay face down on the towels the therapists had arranged on the bed. Both girls removed their socks and leggings but retained their long, loose-fitting tops and underwear. If you want your masseuse to undress further, you can negotiate with them directly.

Massage oil was liberally applied and the treatment started with one girl kneading my shoulders and working out some of the knots, while the other began gently stroking my buttocks and thighs. We kept chatting, as we did throughout the whole massage, while one set of hands moved towards my balls and tickled them in a very pleasant way. This continued for perhaps half an hour, with the two girls swapping places occasionally and taking care not to leave any part of my exposed body uncaressed.

I was feeling wonderfully relaxed, content and more than a little aroused when the girls told me it was time to turn over.

Placing my head in her lap, once of the girls began stroking my chest and playing with my nipples while the other began massaging my penis, stroking and rubbing it tenderly towards the inevitable conclusion.

After a necessary clean up, the girls then completed the treatment by respectively massaging my head and arms/hands, easing away yet more tension as I lay back with a big goofy grin on my face. As far as my criteria goes, the massage certainly met my expectations. What surprised me, however was how much we talked and laughed throughout. Something that had the potential to be awkward and seedy was in fact quite the opposite. As the girls left I felt like the experience was an overwhelmingly positive one, and something that could change a lot of peoples perceptions of what a so-called happy ending massage can be – if you’re game enough give it a try!

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